Elche is located approx 20 km from Alicante and 50 Km from Murcia and can be accessed by going on to the AP7 from the Urbanisation.

A stroll through the city’s streets will reveal an interesting historical centre, a silent witness to its glorious past. Between the 8th and 9th centuries it was a walled city of Al-Andalus, falling to the Christians in 1265; however, a mere two kilometres south of the present city is its original site, La Alcudia, known as Heliké. 

The primitive settlement developed into the Iberian city of Heliké. The city’s Iberian culture experienced a golden age, producing sculptures such as the Dama d’Elx. The Iberian city was romanised in 209 BC and in the 1st century BC it was granted the title of Colonia Iulia Ilice Augusta.

 The Palm Grove, legacy of the Andalusí farming culture, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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