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Hello this is the website for the Dreamhills 2 Urbanization, it is available for all of the residents of any of the releases to post information that they wish to pass on to all on the urb.

The presidents if they wish may also register on the site and submit any articles that they think may be of use to the Urbanization as a whole.

There is a forum available at and has seperate areas for each release.


It can be set up if required so that only owners of those releases can see any info for that section only to do this though will require the presidents of those areas to govern the members.

Please note that registration on the website does not register you for the forum, you will have to go to the forum and register there also, you may however use the same username and password that you use for registering on the website.

Latest Urb News

Fibre Optic internet as arrived on Dreamhills 2 and you can sign up for it at OnlyFibra up at La Zenia Boulevard and also with Ole if you wish.
A new Garage Services business has opened up at the commercial centre for Dreamhills 2 and is down the far side of the centre past the secondhand shop.
Also opening hopefully at some point this year will be a coffee shop and an estate agency.

Bus Routes and Prices


Bus fares 2017 - E1.40/trip you can change from the Red to Blue line for no extra charge.

Approx 5mins past the hour at the bus stop just on the hill from the Aldi.

Summer Times Everyday 7.30-13.30 & 15.30-20.00 these are only applicable in the months of July and August the buses do not run on Saturday and Sundays outside these 2 months.The route now includes the Zenia Boulevard Commercial.There are extra stops to previously advertised - you can get a leaflet with all the details from the town hall at Playa Flamenca.


Details of new Construction at DH2


A new construction company called Alegria have started building new apartments next to the original constructed Dreamhills 2 developments.

They are the modern looking white ones that seem to be sprouting up around the area lately although they seem to be the same design as the originals but with slight differences.